This Gas Station Was Robbed Twice… So They Started Giving Discounts to Gun Owners

A gas station in Minnesota that fell victim to multiple robberies – of which one was armed – has come up with a unique solution to their problems.

The owner decided that the only way to stop the bad guys with a gun, was to start bringing in some good guys with guns. Namely, law enforcement, security officers, and concealed carry permit holders.

A sign in the station’s window reads, “Gas discount – For law enforcement or people with proof of permit to carry 1o cents per gallon after 7 p.m. daily.”

The original intent of the sign was to simply bring in more customers so the employees weren’t alone as frequently after evening hours.

But the pro-gun sign has also increased overall sales in general!

Via CBS Minnesota:

After two robberies in less than three months, a Sauk Rapids gas station owner decided to try something different. His unique offer gained so much attention that business is now up.

Now, the owner says a single sheet of paper is changing his business.

The new, nondescript sign hanging on a Sauk Rapids Shell gas station is changing business for owner Frank Schwagel.

“If you come in and provide evidence that you are law enforcement, security or have a permit to carry a firearm — if you show it to my employees you’ll get a 10 cent per gallon discount on any gas you’ll buy,” he said.

In March and May of this year, the small town gas station was robbed twice — once at gunpoint.

Schwagel added that his sign has created a big uptick in customers, which is not only great for business, but also makes his employees feel safer.

Check this out:


It’s not the first time a business struggling to combat crime employed the tactic of bringing in Second Amendment-exercising individuals to help save the day.

Last year, a Cajun restaurant in Indianapolis named “Papa Roux” began offering a 25% discount to any concealed-carry permit holders. They too saw an increase in business.

Can you imagine if these two business owners responded to their crime problems by putting up ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs instead?

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