This should be a sobering reminder that the economic recovery being touted by the administration is nothing but a steaming pile of nonsense herunterladen.  Labor Union Report has information which brings a much needed dose of reality to the conversation, in a post titled, From Hope to Hopelessness: Obama’s Economy Has 88 Million “Not In Labor Force” netflix app cannot.

…after Friday’s jobs numbers came out (the economy added 120,000 jobs) Labor Secretary Hilda Solis promptly proclaimed: “That’s a noteworthy achievement.”
In fact, for the man who campaigned on the message of “hope” in 2008, the 120,000 jobs added is much fewer (about half) than expected and the edging down of the unemployment to 8.2% is not from job creation but from hopelessness herunterladen.
There are now 88 million Americans who are “Not In Labor Force,” according to Department of Labor statistics…

Here is a chart to aid in visualizing the rapid climb of the non-working loom kostenlos downloaden.

Labor Union Report also adds:

The hard truth for Barack Obama is:
People have given up herunterladen.
They have gone from ‘Hope’ to Hopelessness.
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Indeed.  They have also gone from paychecks to food stamps sims 3 with cd.  Why work when the government will pay you not to?

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