Frank Luntz – Obama On An ‘FU Tour’ of America Since Trump Won

Pollster Frank Luntz appeared on Fox News and accurately described President Obama’s actions this past week in stabbing Israel in the back, going after Russia for the election results, claiming he would have beaten Trump where Hillary Clinton could not, etc.

Luntz said Obama’s actions in the waning days of his presidency amount to going on an “FU Tour” of the country.

The president, bitter over his legacy being obliterated in this past election, appears to be “trying to settle scores before he leaves,” Luntz explained.

He added that those actions are “not presidential, particularly for someone like Barack Obama who is such a great communicator.”


Via Mediaite:

On Fox News earlier this afternoon, Frank Luntz said that it seems like President Obama is going on an “FU tour.”

He pointed to Obama’s slight criticism of the Clinton campaign and the U.S. abstention on the U.N. Israel resolution to argued that it seems like Obama’s “trying to settle scores before he leaves.”

Luntz thinks that Obama is claiming now he could have beaten Trump to send a signal “he doesn’t want to be held responsible for Hillary Clinton’s loss.”

Perhaps Obama would be better served in trying to assist the incoming president and fixing the failures he’s piled up over the last eight years, as opposed to worrying about how Hillary’s loss will look for him.

“All we are looking for is someone that can bridge that divide,” Luntz said, “bring people together, and my hope going forward is that we will speak a little bit less and listen a little bit more.”

Obama has been speaking plenty during this lame duck period – and he’s seemingly only interested in saying FU to America for having the audacity to elect Donald Trump.

What do you think of Obama’s actions these last few weeks in regards to Israel, Russia, and the election? Share your thoughts with us below.

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