Remember last month when a school in Rhode Island had banned their Father-Daughter dances because they were not considered an all-inclusive event free skype windows 7?

We had a similar incident here at the local elementary school, in which the father/daughter, mother/son events were canceled.  Why?  Because not every child has a father or mother available in their home herunterladen.  It was deemed unfair.

Now, French President François Hollande is taking the equal opportunity nonsense to a whole new level, seeking to ban after school homework nintendo 3ds spiele auf sd karte downloaden.  Why?  Because not every child has parents that can help them with their assignments.

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Via the Washington Post:

How do you think this would go over in the United States musik kostenlos herunterladen für iphone? French President François Hollande has said he will end homework as part of a series of reforms to overhaul the country’s education system.

And the reason he wants to ban homework herunterladen?

He doesn’t think it is fair that some kids get help from their parents at home while children who come from disadvantaged families don’t printed font for free. It’s an issue that goes well beyond France, and has been part of the reason that some Americans oppose homework too.

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We get it, not every child comes from the same home environment office 365 download op mac.  But why do those that come from a loving, nurturing family with one mother and one father, who try to instill a good work ethic in their children, have to consistently be punished for that o2 is not working?

Politically correct progressives at their worst…