Will Joe Biden defeat President Trump?


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>> They did why can't I on sky go. You have a president in President Trump who will make decisive issues and pull the trigger when need be. Now congressman Walsh and Pete, stay with us herunterladen. Also just confirming that the United States military is on high alert. Remember, we have 60,000 people in the region there, but they’re prepared for further action if Iran dares to retaliate download children's games for free. Let’s go to Lucas Tomlinson, Fox News’ Pentagon producer who’s on the phone with us with the latest on the top Iranian commander who was reportedly killed tonight gba roms. What are you hearing?

>> Only certain people could carry out an attack like this. A drone strike carried out from the U.S. military, the CIA einkommensteuererklärung 2017 kostenlosen. The rockets launched at the Baghdad airport do not just happen to destroy an SUV driving down the highway from the Baghdad airport carrying, you know, Iran’s seen Quds force commander zip öffnen kostenlos. Just to give you an idea of who Soleimani is, he’s charged with killing hundreds of Americans troops and the Pentagon has a number, Soleimani and his militias are responsible for killing over 600 American troops in the Iraq War picture publisher 8 kostenlos deutsch. And if you look at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, there’s a lot of graffiti sprayed on the walls of the embassy from the militia supporters, and the words Soleimani was our leader was spray-painted on different parts of the embassy to show who was in charge, who ordered that attack on the U.S imovie downloaden voor windows. Embassy. And the fact these weren’t just protesters, this was an attack. It was thwarted not just buy the soldiers and the Marines came in. Back to Soleimani, he was designated a terrorist in 2005 for his role in supporting terrorism throughout the Middle East forderungsaufstellung kostenlos downloaden. In October of 2011, he orchestrates an attempted assassination on Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States who was dining in Georgetown and the assassination attempt was thwarted, but it put Soleimani’s name on the radar for all to see ccleaner vollversion kostenlosen. My colleague Jennifer Griffin and I reported in 2015 that general Soleimani had flown to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin before Russian forces entered Syria to a great extent. They already had it but to shore up the Assad regime, they sent dozens of fighter jets, thousands of troops, and Soleimani is part of that because the Iranians and the Russians supported the Assad regime. So the fact that he appears to have been taken out tonight is a major win for the U.S. military and the families and the hundreds of the soldiers killed at Soleimani’s hands.

>> Thank you for that. Both have been in the military