Fox & Friends Has To Cut Away After Donna Brazile Goes on Rant: ‘You Do Not Recognize My Existence!’


BRAZILE “I want to understand what that is. I’m not sitting here early this morning praying, as I did last night, for not just my family in the Gulf Coast facing two hurricanes, but praying for the family, his name is Jacob Blake, praying for his family, praying that this man survives so that he could tell his story. That is what we should do when we are at these conventions, tell the story. Now tell your story, we told ours and I appreciate the Republicans telling theirs. And then it’s up to the American people to decide which story they like. That’s what these conventions are all about.”

KILMEADE: “Tammy, go ahead.”

BRUCE: “Yeah, look, thanks for letting me get a word in edgewise here.”

BRAZILE: “Always.”

BRUCE: “The fact of the matter is, we are talking about differences between the parties. We are not going to bubble it out and set it aside. The fact of the matter is, Joe Biden has almost has had almost half a century of being in Washington, D.C. And you look at the condition of the Democrat Party, the dour hopelessness of that message, that this is Hillary Clinton’s message that he should not concede under any circumstances, the desperation that is there because they know they can’t persuade the American people. You might dismiss last night and the next three days as preaching to the choir, but that’s the problem with the Democrat point of view, is that they don’t consider it a message that Americans represent, that Americans want to hear, that is a part of our everyday lives. It’s not just a political isolation chamber. This is who we are and what matters. And I think that clearly the Republicans have that understanding directly, it’s about education, it’s about health care, it’s about faith, and it is about a man who cares about the American people more than he cares about his next job and winning in the sense of it’s just got to be about the next election. He has given up everything, as has his family, to change this nation and get her back on her feet so we as Americans can live lives that best suit us. If you’re going to see the incredibly moving stories ranging from Tim Scott to Nikki Haley showing that we can deal with violence, racial violence in a way that we come together, no Democrat has spoken out against the nature of what’s happening in Kenosha, Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, New York, Chicago. Americans have a choice and the fact is that the Republicans are showing a — an expanse of what the American sensibility is and what the American future is. It’s not a discussion over some seminar of complaints —“

BRAZILE: “You know, Brian, this is why the choir sounds like a note coming from a scratched record. It sounds I will never be an American in your world because after 400 years my family cannot — “

BRUCE: “Of course you are.”

BRAZILE: “My family cannot walk out there —“

KILMEADE: “That’s not what anyone said.”

BRUCE: “Nobody is saying that. Donna, nobody was saying that.”

BRAZILE: “Listen, Tammy, you’re saying that to me — what are you saying to me? You’re saying to me — [cross-talk] — no, no, Tammy, you need to listen as well as talk.”

KILMEADE: “So you want to know what Tammy is saying to you. Let Tammy answer.”

BRAZILE: “Tammy, I listen to you, and what you’re doing is you ignore the pains of people who are hurting. You ignore the pains of people who just want to breathe. You are —“


KILMEADE: “Hold on one second. So, Donna, your point is you’re ignoring 400 years?”

BRAZILE: “Don’t — don’t — don’t be so condescending and patronizing to tell me — to tell me that I cannot tell my story. Tammy, the story of people who are struggling — “

KILMEADE: “Donna, let her answer you.”


BRUCE: “She doesn’t want an answer.”

BRAZILE: “That’s all this is, Tammy. You’re patronizing.”

KILMEADE: “Let her answer.”

BRUCE: “She doesn’t want an answer.”

BRAZILE: “No, no, no, Tammy —“

KILMEADE: “Donna, hold on. Tammy, did you ignore 400 years?”

BRAZILE: “Yes, she did. Yes, she did. She ignored —“

KILMEADE: “Donna: I asked Tammy, Donna —“

BRAZILE: “She ignores the reality of what is happening. She is ignoring it because I see it. Tammy, I see it every day. I see the violence, Tammy.”

KILMEADE: “Donna, you have to let her finish. You have to let her finish.”


BRAZILE: “Brian, if you got me up this morning to let me listen to this diatribe —“

KILMEADE: “You’ve spoken most of the time.”

BRAZILE: “ — coming from someone who does not live my existence — you do not recognize my existence, Tammy. You do not recognize my existence!”

KILMEADE: “Wait, wait. Let’s just make it clear —“

BRUCE: “We’re all on the same team.”


BRAZILE: “We’re all Americans. Praise the Lord.”

KILMEADE: “This is it. We brought you on for one reason: To talk about night 1 and preview night 2 if we had the time. No one brought you up to to talk about not acknowledging existence. We were talking about night 1, how you interpret it. So I don’t know how it got off the rails.”

BRAZILE: “You’re the shameful one, Tammy. You’re the shameful one because —“

KILMEADE: “Nobody is shameful. You’re both offering an analysis. Thank you very much.”

BRAZILE: “Next time —“

BRUCE: “Yeah. This is what happens.”

BRAZILE: “You will not erase my history. And I will tell my story. This is what — this is what —“

BRUCE: “This is what the Democrats do.”

KILMEADE: “All right, that’s not going well. All right.”

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