Former Working Families Party Candidate Pleads Guilty to Prostitution Charges

Kevin Gervasio, a man who once won the primary for Rensselaer County Legislature in the City of Troy, has pled guilty to attempting to promote prostitution, according to the Saratoga County District Attorney. He was caught in a sting last August, and charged with felony promoting prostitution.

Via the Times Union:

A career criminal from Waterford who once testified against his own mother and had his brother testify against him has pleaded guilty to attempting to promote prostitution, according to the Saratoga County District Attorney.

On Monday, Kevin Gervasio, who has 51 arrests and 17 convictions on his record, admitted to the felony. He is scheduled to be sentenced July 14.

Gervasio had arranged for undercover investigators to “engage in sexual conduct for $100.” Which was a bargain considering her going rate was $220 per hour.

Gervasio was run on the Working Families Party line for Rensselaer County Legislature in 2009, and actually won the primary. Problem being, he never knew he ran in the first place.  His placement on the line was part of a scheme concocted by former Republican Bob Mirch, who would frequently run shadow candidates to steal away the WFP line from Democrats.  The tactic was legal, but highly unethical, and would eventually be cited as a reason that Democrats would cross the legal threshold and commit flat-out voter fraud in upstate New York.  Four Democrats would eventually be sentenced to varying punishments based on their role in the voter fraud scandal, while other still cut favorable deals to avoid jail time.

Gervasio is a true gem.  Despite having admitted to dozens of crimes when his name was on the ballot, he still received 184 votes in the general election.

Here he is talking about how his victory in the WFP primary was a farce, and that if he were elected it “would be like electing a murderer for office.”

In 2010, his arrest was a family affair, having been charged alongside his mother with grand larceny and possession of stolen property for scamming elderly people.

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