Former Teacher of The Year Booted From State Board Over Anti-Trump Comments

President Trump drives even the most well-respected progressives wild. He makes them do and say things they might not do or say to the average person. Trump Derangement Syndrome should officially be labeled an incurable disease.

Amy Hewett-Olatunde, a former ‘Teacher of the Year’ in the state of Minnesota, found herself removed from a state licensing board after using an expletive in a social media post critical of the President.

Hewett-Olatunde took issue with Trump’s comments in an immigration meeting in which he described certain countries as “s***holes.”

“Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?” he asked.

Hewett-Olatunde commented on a link to an article regarding the statements and added some commentary of her own.

“He is not worthy, nor are his puppet masters, of human dignity,” she wrote. “He is the s***hole and we should line up to take a dump on him.”

That is a teacher of the year telling people to “take a dump” on the President. Stay classy…

Appointment of Amy Hewett-Olatunde fails 33-34 on a straight party line vote to professional educators licensing board after the Senate reconsiders earlier vote to confirm her appointment. #mnleg

— Aaron Klemz (@aaronklemz) May 20, 2018


Hewett-Olatunde was actually confirmed to the board via a 34-33 vote, but one Republican state senator said their vote was a mistake due to a distraction and the revote along party lines resulted in a 33-34 removal.

Despite the decision, the St. Paul teacher said she doesn’t regret making unprofessional comments on Facebook.

“I stand behind everything I have posted on Facebook,” she said. “I’m not going to apologize for being passionate about something that is affecting my students every day.”

Other social media posts seem to suggest where her loyalty lies:


The image of her claiming Obama as her ‘always and forever’ President doesn’t mean she’s partisan in any way, though. She promises …

It was never about Republican versus Democrat. I have mad respect for both sides as long as your moral imperative, when it comes to protecting all of Minnesota’s children, is there. Our kids deserve better.

— Amy Hewett-Olatunde (@MNTOY15) May 21, 2018


Hewett-Olatunde was chosen as Teacher of the Year in 2015 and said the experience made her “humble.”

“I have learned to be much more humble and much more appreciative of the life I have been given,” she claimed.

There are highs and lows in life. Just keep looking forward.

— Amy Hewett-Olatunde (@MNTOY15) May 23, 2018


Republican senator Eric Pratt explained that it wasn’t so much the criticism of the President that registered with him, but the callous tone used.

“What sets this candidate apart are the degrading attacks,” he said, “the dehumanization.”

Did she deserve to be removed from the board? Share your thoughts below!

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