Former Staffer Doubles Down on Ron Paul as Conspiracy Theorist


Last week we mentioned how former Senior Aide to Ron Paul, Eric Dondero, had claimed that his boss has expressed that “Saving the Jews” From Hitler was none of our business.  During his piece, Dondero also claimed that Paul was a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.  Here is a recap:

He immediately stated to us staffers, me in particular, that Bush/Cheney were going to use the attacks as a precursor for “invading” Iraq. He engaged in conspiracy theories including perhaps the attacks were coordinated with the CIA, and that the Bush administration might have known about the attacks ahead of time. He expressed no sympathies whatsoever for those who died on 9/11, and pretty much forbade us staffers from engaging in any sort of memorial expressions, or openly asserting pro-military statements in support of the Bush administration.

Now, in an exclusive post at Yid with Lid (a terrific site by the way), Dondero has reiterated such claims, and is calling out the media on not pressing Paul on the matter.
Responding to Jake Tapper’s interview with Paul, Dondero writes:

What Tapper should have followed up with, was simply asking Paul if he ever posited the theory that Bush “may” have known about the attacks ahead of time. Notice how Paul adds the caveat “About the conspiracy – of Bush [definitively] knowing about this.” That’s not how it went down in Ron’s offices in the 9/11 immediate aftermath. It was Ron often couching his terms with “might have known,” or playing devil’s advocate as in the case of “what if.” This of course, gave him just enough wiggle room to claim that he never said that’s exactly what happened back then, or as he is doing presently.

Dondero claims that the real conspiracy however, lies in Paul’s response to events immediately after 9/11 which raise the most concerns.  On the resolution to send American troops to Afghanistan: 

I maintain, as I have from the beginning of this, that it was Ron Paul’s immediate reaction after 9/11 that is the largest of the scandals. The media has yet to press him on this. What I said a week ago, and I say here today, is that practically our whole district staff strongly objected to his threatening to vote against the resolution to go into Afghanistan. Up until the very last minute.

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