Former FBI Counsel: Officials ‘Quite Worried’ Comey Appeared to be Blackmailing Trump

James Baker, the former top lawyer for the FBI, revealed senior officials at the bureau were concerned that then-director James Comey would appear to be blackmailing Donald Trump by attending a meeting to inform the future President about allegations that he had cavorted with prostitutes in Moscow.

Those allegations were part of the infamous Steele dossier which had not been corroborated.

Baker noted that the meeting would draw parallels to another one-time FBI director – J. Edgar Hoover – whom President Harry Truman accused of using “sex-life scandals and plain blackmail” tactics during his tenure.

“We were quite worried about the Hoover analogies, and we were determined not to have such a disaster happen on our watch,” Baker told the Yahoo News podcast Skullduggery.

Greatest Hoax

President Trump recently slammed the investigation that was initiated by the same Hillary Clinton-funded dossier as a hoax.

“It was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the people of this country, and you know what, I am so proud of our attorney general that he is looking into it,” the President told reporters.

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Baker also revealed that Comey was lying to President Trump when he told him he wasn’t the subject of an investigation, something the President later relayed to the public.

“I didn’t think it was accurate to say that he wasn’t under investigation,” Baker said noting that he clearly believed Trump was a “subject” at the time.

In the end, the former top lawyer for the bureau said that while the Steele dossier eventually had questions raised about its accuracy, the FBI was obligated to investigate.

They were also obligated to reveal it was an unsubstantiated mess of false information, which they never did.

Baker v. Comey

Baker’s assessment of several significant investigations conducted by the FBI under James Comey’s leadership has been a wealth of information.

During closed-door testimony before Congress, Baker revealed that he felt Clinton should have been prosecuted for her role in handling a private email server in her home.

#Breaking Read Here how Former FBI Lawyer James Baker Originally Believed Hillary Clinton Should Be Charged – Sara A. Carter

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“I believe if I had been persuaded that she had the intent, I would have argued that [charging her] vociferously with him [Comey] and maybe changed his view,” Baker claimed.

The sad part is that intent was never a requirement.

In October, Baker testified that officials had a “list” of options in dealing with the President following Comey’s firing, a list that reportedly included wearing a wire or invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

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