Former U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, recently sat down with the editorial board of the New York Daily News.  Moniz explained that fracking for natural gas is ‘climate-friendly, environmentally safe and economically stimulating.’

In other words, it’s something that New York, particularly on the southern tier, needs and needs now to create jobs.  New York has been allegedly “open for business” according to Governor Cuomo, yet the jobs boon that would develop if fracking were allowed is continually suppressed.  Why?  Because Cuomo doesn’t have the spine to stand up to his base of environmental loons.

Via the Daily News:

Moniz speaks not just as the nation’s top energy official, but as a nuclear physicist, a former MIT professor and the coauthor of an exhaustive 2011 report on the future of natural gas production in the U.S. In a meeting with the Daily News Editorial Board, he explained the numerous reasons why President Obama embraces fracking as a key part of his strategy for tackling global warming and creating jobs.

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The President’s endorsement contrasts markedly with Gov. Cuomo’s dithering over whether to green-light fracking in upstate New York . Under pressure from fracking opponents, the governor awaits yet one more report on fracking dangers, this one to be delivered by his health commissioner, Dr. Nirav Shah.

Moniz wouldn’t comment on New York’s deliberations . But Cuomo has promised a decision based on science, not emotion or politics — which makes this an easy call. For the good of the economy and the environment, he must say yes to safe, well-regulated gas drilling in New York State.

Moniz also spoke of the environmental benefits of fracking – something even far-left activists can wrap their hands around other than trees – saying it has been “a big contributor to our carbon reduction.”