Former DOJ Attorney: Here’s How Trump Will Fight Terrorism with the Stroke of a Pen

A former Department of Justice lawyer said that a registry designed to closely monitor immigrants coming from countries that are hotbeds of terrorist activity, could be created by President-Elect Donald Trump with the stroke of a pen.

Fox News, in particular Megyn Kelly, have been pushing the false notion that this would be a ‘Muslim registry.’

Former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams explained, “It’s neither ‘Muslim’ nor a ‘registry.’ It’s where terror is.”

An official statement from Trump’s transition team reiterates this point:

Full statement from Jason Miller re Trump and Muslim registry

— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) November 18, 2016


As for a registry vetting immigrants coming from countries that sponsor, encourage, or allow terrorism – Adams said it’d be pretty easy for Trump to implement.

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Via Fox News Insider:

Former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams says the Donald Trump administration could reinstate a national registry for immigrants coming to the U.S. from countries with significant Muslim populations.

On “The Kelly File” tonight, Adams argued that it’s a “reasonable request” that people from hotbeds of terrorism are subject to additional screening.

“You can impose entry requirements that will protect this country by asking them about their views of certain issues,” Adams explained. “Do they think it’s legitimate to wage jihad against the West?”

Megyn asked if Trump can reinstate this policy unilaterally or if he has to go through Congress.

“He can do it with a stroke of a pen,” Adams said. “And I suggest he probably is going to do it, because that’s why he was elected, to try and keep America safer.”

As terrorist attacks were occurring at home and abroad this past summer, Americans views about Trump’s immigration plan for people hailing from terrorist countries gained steam. During that time, a clear majority were in support of his plan to temporarily halt immigration from Muslim countries.

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