Former Democrat Outside KAG Rally Credits Trump for Coming Off Food Stamps

trump food stamps


FLORES: “I am from Texas, El Paso. I’ve seen addicted to heroin, addicted to crack. I’ve seen people get offered $10,000 to cross over a car with drugs in it before. My dad, which I don’t talk to, he got deported — he got deported for a good reason because he was doing bad stuff for bringing drugs over here and addicting the community. I support Trump for everything he’s been doing and not having open borders, not having none of that and building wall.”

REPORTER: “It’s amazing. So could you tell us some personal experience, some of the reasons why we really need a wall?”

FLORES: “The drugs. I’ve seen people cross over drugs, so many of these people that cross over to the border illegally, they have to bring drugs with them. They don’t have a choice in it. If they deny to bring the drugs over, they get killed. Their family gets killed. So that’s why I support the wall.”

REPORTER: “Yes. And there’s a big humanitarian crisis there. A lot of people are having to pay cartels, massive amounts of money —“

FLORES: “Yes.” trump food stamps

REPORTER: “To get across.”

FLORES: “Yes.”

REPORTER: “Do you know anyone who’s done that?”

FLORES: “Actually yes, but I don’t speak to them because I don’t agree with that.”

REPORTER: “Wow. And you said used to be a threat. What convinced you to make the jump and promote Trump.”

FLORES: “Mostly Candice Owens. Candice Owens talks about people of color that they have — they think they have to support Democrats, which we do not. I am not scared of racism. Racism is everywhere. I don’t support racism, yes. I am just here to support the future of America and the future of my kids.”

REPORTER: “And when you say to people in the media who are trying to pick Trump as a racist.”

FLORES: “I talk to them about the economy. I talk to them about the border. When I talk to them usually about the border — what I’ve been through at the border and why my friends have been addicted to drugs cause of the border and yeah — that’s where they actually start understanding why I support it. My wife actually got cast out yesterday because she said she supported Trump.”

REPORTER: “She what?”

FLORES: “She got cast out.”

REPORTER: “Oh my gosh! Wow. So were these people in public that just —“

FLORES: “Everywhere.”

REPORTER: “Oh my gosh! So she just express her opinion?”

FLORES: “Yes.”

REPORTER: “I see.”

FLORES: “And they said F You, and then F You and they walked away and they said she’s stupid and she’s dumb.”

REPORTER: “So what would you say to other Americans who say that the idea of a wall itself is racist or bringing Sanders supporters or other supporters who want like open borders. What is your message to them?”

FLORES: “I don’t support open borders because of what I’ve seen myself in this border. I’ve seen people cross over drugs from the border myself. I lived it, I’ve seen it. I have family apart of it. I moved from El Paso, Texas over here because of that issue.”

REPORTER: “Have you lost anyone that you know because of the drug?”

FLORES: “Oh, of course. I have friends that have overdose because of that. They tried to stop but they’re immune. They actually game to tried to see if they are good. They tried to get out of it, they were offered that money.”

REPORTER: “And you just moved to Nevada?”

FLORES: “Yes to Nevada, Las Vegas, I have been five years here.”

REPORTER: “Great. How do you like it here? Is the economy getting better?”

FLORES: “Yeah — yeah, the economy is getting better. I actually — I started off rough three years ago, I was in food stamps and Medicaid. Now good to say this is the second year that I am off food stamps and Medicaid and I pay for my own insurance.”

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