Former congressman Pete Hoekstra said in light of all of the scandals surrounding her, “if Hillary were anybody else in America, she’d be in jail.”

Hoekstra was responding to news that Clinton will be receiving her first national security briefing this weekend, something prominent Republicans have said should be withheld considering her “extremely careless” handing of classified information on a private e-mail server.


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Transcript –

Reporter: Hillary Clinton is set to receive her first national security briefing this weekend. Many Republicans, including Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have said Clinton should not be given classified information in light of her ongoing e-mail scandal. Congressman, do you agree with that?

Hoekstra: She should get it, she’s a candidate, she’s the nominee for president of the united states. But it is clear that if she were any other person in America she would not have access to a security clearance because of her private e-mail server, sending classified documents over that network and those types of things.

Only because she is the nominee of the Democrat party is she entitled to this.

If she were anybody else in America, number one she would not have a security clearance and number two, there are many people in her position that would have either been thrown out of the Army or they’d be thrown in jail.