It’s so refreshing to see that, in a sea of petty athletes looking for attention by stomping on our nation’s anthem, there are some out there willing to stand up for what’s right.

One player at Millikin University literally stood up for what’s right, stood for our national anthem, stood for the brave men and women who fought for his freedoms, and he did so all by himself.

After several players took a knee a la Colin Kaepernick during the playing of the anthem during a September football game, the Millikin Big Blue decided they would protest by not even coming out on the field when the song played.

While his team stayed in the locker room, Connor Brewer took the side of American freedom, defied his team’s boycott, and stood alone on the sideline.

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You can see him, the lone figure on the Millikin sideline, during this report on the protest …, NewsCenter17, StormCenter17, Central Illinois News-


Via Liberty Unyielding:

But not all the players are on board, it seems. The entire team didn’t stay in the locker room on Saturday, 15 October. One player, offensive tackle Connor Brewer, #75, went out to be on the sideline and stand there for the national anthem.

While his teammates had their moments of reflection in the locker room, and the team from Augustana stood respectfully across the field from him in a long, imposing line, Connor Brewer stood alone for Millikin, actually respecting his anthem, his flag, the sacrifices of his forebears, and his nation.

He has declined to be interviewed by the media, out of respect for his teammates and coaches.

It’s great to see that while some students need to hide away from the harsh realities of the world around them by staying in their locker room ‘safe space,’ Connor Brewer decided to be a young man of integrity and grit.

A true American patriot!