Flashback: That Time a GOP Strategist Said Donors Need to ‘Put a Bullet’ In Donald Trump

Republican strategist Rick Wilson recently laughed at President Trump’s declaration that sentencing memos for Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort had ‘totally cleared’ him.

Wilson appeared with CNN’s Don Lemon to discuss the President’s tweet celebrating the Cohen court filing as being clear of Russian collusion evidence.

“Totally clears the President,” Trump boasted. “Thank you!”

“This is not a well man, Don,” Wilson responded. “This is a guy who honestly believes that he can change the fabric of reality and make the law go away by tweeting at it.”

The question which immediately arises is, why is somebody like Wilson, a man who hasn’t been ‘well’ for a while, still appearing on mainstream media productions like CNN?

That Time He Urged Donors to Put a Bullet in Donald Trump

Safe to say, no matter your line of work, if you were to threaten somebody by encouraging people to put a bullet in them, you would no longer be employed.

Yet, here you have Wilson, just years removed from making this statement …

Rick Wilson in 2015: The donor class has to “go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump.” pic.twitter.com/cv7BoTjYvr

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) April 8, 2018


Wilson, of course, defended the comments saying it was nothing more than a figure of speech. Would a Trump supporter be afforded the same luxury of an excuse?

Fortunately, during that same interview, Wilson, aside from being outed as certifiable, was proven to have weak skills when it came to political prognostication.

“I will tell you, no matter who you support or how much you like them, neither Donald Trump or Ben Carson is ready to go up against the Clinton machine,” he stated. “Those guys are obviously not ready for primetime.”

Here we are three years later and Donald Trump is the President of the United States while Wilson is, well … a pundit on MSNBC. I’d say he was ready for primetime.

Wilson Has a History of Encouraging Violence Against Political Opponents

Taken in a vacuum, one might be willing to give Wilson the benefit of the doubt that perhaps he was just using a figure of speech. But Wilson is a slimy figure who suffers from acute Napoleon complex and has to prove his stature by encouraging violence against supporters of President Trump.

After calling Trump voters ‘fascists’ at length following the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, Wilson said he’d like to see ‘fascists’ killed not long after.

I like my fascists the old-fashioned way; dead, hanging from lamp-posts as we liberate their victims.

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) August 12, 2017


Fair enough – if you actually know what a real fascist is, and aren’t simply projecting against people you view as such because they have differing political views.

To be fair, the word ‘fascism’ is two syllables longer than most words Wilson can actually comprehend. With that knowledge, we’ll speak in terms he can readily understand. Rick, you’re a dope.

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