Flashback: Susan Rice Calls Trump’s Charges She Unmasked His Aides ‘Absolutely False’

>> One of the elements of fallout from Russia’s attempt to influence the American election was that there was a certain amount of intelligence work being done on Russia, our intelligence agencies were listening to what Russian government officials or Russian intelligence officials were saying. Donald Trump has accused you of trying to unmask the Americans on the other end of those conversations in an attempt to implicate the Trump campaign or to implicate trump in some kind of collusion with Russia. What is your reaction to that. It’s an extraordinary claim of the president of the united States?
>> It’s absolutely false, I have addressed this frequent, we have had members of the intelligence committee on both sides of the aisle take a look at the information that apparently was the basis for chairman nunes’s concern. And say publicly that they didn’t see anything that was unusual or untoward. I did my job, which was to protect the American people, and I did it faithfully and to the best of my ability and never did I do anything that was untoward with respect to the intelligence I received.


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