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FLASHBACK: Democrats Called Bernie Sanders ‘Dangerous and Misguided’ on Iran in 2016

Bernie Sanders’s defense of the world’s top terrorist is disqualifying—and just the latest example of him pushing a naïve, dangerous policy of appeasement toward Iran. bernie sanders iran

In 2016, Obama Administration officials slammed Sanders’ position on Iran as “dangerous and misguided.”

“[Sanders’] call for more Iranian troops in Syria is dangerous and misguided and the opposite of what is needed. … Senator Sanders’ call to ‘move aggressively’ to normalize relations with Iran – to develop a ‘warm’ relationship – breaks with President Obama, [and] is out of step with the sober and responsible diplomatic approach [pursued by the Obama Administration.]

Four years later, Sanders is still showing he is unprepared and unwilling to keep Americans safe.

Do you support Joe Biden as president?

Instead of standing up for the Americans killed by Qasem Soleimani, Sanders repeated talking points straight from Iran’s murderous Ayatollahs:

    • Bernie Sanders called Soleimani’s death a “violation,” an “assassination,” and refused to call him a terrorist.


    • Sanders compared killing Soleimani, a known terrorist, to assassinating innocent government “dissidents.


  • Sanders suggested the U.S. only labeled Soleimani a terrorist to assassinate him and set a bad “precedent.”

Instead of being outraged by a terrorist spilling American blood, Sanders has directed his outrage at President Trump. It’s clear he can’t be trusted to protect American lives.


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