Biden’s Disastrous Foreign Policy Record Has Been Blown Wide Open by Trump

President Trump’s successful strike to take out the terrorist Qasem Soleimani has laid bare Joe Biden’s disastrous foreign policy record. joe biden foreign policy

The Daily Beast notes “Biden is particularly vulnerable to attacks on geopolitical orthodoxy as an example of what not to do.”

While The Intercept’s Ryan Grim published a deep dive this morning into Biden’s push for the war in Iraq.

“Joe Biden this week continued to maintain the fiction that he stood against the war in Iraq “the very moment” it began in 2003. The claim has been easily taken apart by fact checkers — Biden publicly supported the war before, during, and after the invasion — but a 1998 Senate hearing sheds additional light on his determination to confront Iraq over weapons of mass destruction.”

Reporters on the trail with Biden, please ask where he got the idiom “come to our milk.”

— Ryan Grim (@ryangrim) January 7, 2020


However, Biden’s track record of supporting the war in Iraq is not the only foreign policy problem dogging him in recent days.

Even the fact-checkers over at PolitiFact hit Biden for lying again about his widely reported opposition to the bin Laden raid.

So before Biden delivers a statement today on foreign policy, take a trip down memory lane of some of Biden’s most notable foreign policy blunders.

  • After September 11th, Biden suggested sending $200 million to Iran, “no strings attached,” as a gesture of good faith.
  • Before the invasion of Iraq, Joe Biden went to Putin to ask him to support the invasion in exchange for oil profits if Russia sided with the United States.
  • Biden pushed to partition Iraq.  To which, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad said that it would “produce extraordinary suffering and bloodshed.”
  • Biden was the Obama Admin’s “public salesman” for the flawed Iranian nuclear deal which has not eliminated Iran’s nuclear threat nor curbed its destabilizing behaviors.
  • It was the Obama, Biden administration that knowingly relieved Iran of $150 billion in sanctions despite conceding that some of the money would fund terrorism.
  • Biden pushed for the Obama admin’s disastrous Russia “reset” policy and personally sought to cozy up to Putin.
  • Despite the threats posed by China, Biden has engaged in a dovish approach to China, claiming that “they’re not competition” and they weren’t going to “eat our lunch.”
  • In between his mistakes, Biden was forced to make apology tours in real time.
  • The Obama/Biden intervention in Libya was later described by President Obama himself as a “shit show.”
  • Biden and Obama were routinely outmaneuvered and forced into appeasing dictators. Syria’s Assad called the Obama/Biden bluff on the red line over their use of chemical weapons.

P.S. Not to be outdone for holding flawed foreign policy views, fellow 2020 frontrunner, Bernie Sanders is pushing the ridiculous notion that President Trump taking out a terrorist responsible for killing hundreds of Americans is similar to Putin assassinating his political dissidents. Give me a break. That’s a disgusting comparison but sadly unsurprising from Soviet Sanders.

Bernie Sanders compares killing terrorist who killed Americans to Putin assassinating Russian dissidents

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 7, 2020


Via the Republican National Committee joe biden foreign policy

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