Flag Burner States His Case – But Tucker Carlson Destroyed Him With These 9 Words

A pro-flag burning leftist appeared on Tucker Carlson’s new show to argue the merits of Donald Trump’s proposal to jail those who desecrate Old Glory, and was immediately shut down by the host with nine short words.

Marc Perkel of FlagBurning.org, a site whose name clearly defines its stance on the matter, claimed that the right to burn the flag is very important because rioters need to be “that offensive because what’s happening in America is that offensive.”

What’s so offensive to anarchists and leftists like Perkel? Trump’s election of course.

Carlson shut him down almost immediately, saying of Perkel, “You are a malcontent who enjoys infuriating decent people.”

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Have to love Carlson starting off his segment by asking, “Is there anything more infuriating than watching some entitled ahistorical loser burn the American flag?”

Via Fox News Insider:

Perkel said that in a situation where the government has “gotten so far-right”, the only way to protest is to burn the American flag because the offensiveness of such an action will compete with “what’s happening in America [being] that offensive”.

There’s no Constitutional requirement to be a decent person, Perkel said, adding that the spectacle of burning the American flag is a way to “assert dominance over government”.

Carlson asked why Perkel would want to offend those affected by 9/11 or those families involved in war, like those who raised the flag over Iwo Jima.

Perkel responded that those who died in the Iwo Jima campaign during World War II “didn’t die for the flag, they died for our freedom.”

Is the flag not a symbol of that freedom, and the freedom our men and women were dying for, Mr. Perkel.

Hilariously enough, he argues that people shouldn’t actually burn the flag right now because Trump is trying to draw them into it.

“I’m actually advocating that people not burn the flag today,” Perkel explained, “because Trump wants us to burn the flag in order to create division.”

So you’ve admitted that the act of burning the flag is meant to cause division. That’s what it’s really all about. It’s not about making a statement against government. It’s about causing division.

Carlson opined that Perkel and the left have “a childish understanding of freedom.”

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