Dana: Greg you are often accused of being physically intimidating around people. How would you have dealt with that? >>

Greg: Calling trump a creep? She should know, she’s the expert. She’s the Marvin Perkins of creep kingdom. Up close with a creep in its natural habitat. A frat house filing a noise complaint. She was with the ultimate creep. An audiobook. A book, may be. Audio? No. No. People should want to hear your voice but that’s like fingernails on a chalkboard doing an audiobook. >>

Dana: You would have to listen to that one point, five speed. >>

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Kimberly: It’s a whole lot of something. Just listening to it, I’ve been hearing it on fox all day. It’s just brutal. Brutal, brutal, brutal. >>

Brian: No one gets — >>

Dana: You have to admire their P.R. Tech. >>

Brian: We are currently trying to understand why she lost she lost. Now she’s just making money off of it. They get there to back her perspective. At the great job of dispassionately running down what happened. Especially that children’s ways. >>

Dana: Surely no one at this table is going to begrudge anybody making money off of writing a book and telling their story. >>

Kimberly: Hired jasper to read the book, Juan. >>

Dana: Some Democrats have