Firefighters Shut Down Atheists With ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ Sign

Firefighters in upstate New York have riled up some atheists, by daring to set up a sign outside their Utica firehouse which celebrates the birth of Jesus. You know, in other words – the entire concept of Christmas.

Atheists have sent angry letters to the Fire Chief, demanding he take the sign down. They’ve even resorted to making threats.

The sign reads simply, “Happy birthday Jesus, We Love You.”

The firefighters put the sign up for the holidays after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, saying the horrific events that day “brought a lot of the guys closer to God.”

If the sign itself wasn’t great enough, wait until you hear Utica Fire Chief Russell Brooks’ response to atheists demanding it come down.

Rough translation – Shove it, atheists!


Brooks says most government entities back down to such threats, but he says he won’t.

“Pledge of Allegiance has God in it, money has God on it,” he said. “This case isn’t unique.”

Brooks says other departments, such as the New Hartford Fire Department, have a manger on their lawn, but he says it’s the sign in Utica that gets all of the attention.

He says he has heard another area fire department will be putting up a similar ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ sign in the near future but won’t say which one. He says when it does go up, the media will probably hear about it.

What would you say to these atheists if they told you to take down a Christmas sign?

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