Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has declared herself an “unequivocal champion for equal pay” on her campaign website. She discusses how as Senator, she paid men and women on her staff equally and took “critical steps to empower women to negotiate for equal pay.”

Turns out, the women on her staff might want to renegotiate … with her.

Newly revealed emails from Wikileaks show hard proof that the Clinton Foundation flat-out paid women less than their male counterparts.

Via Lifezette:

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The Clinton Foundation in 2011 employed more women than men but paid them less, on average, according to a salary schedule included in an email released Friday by WikiLeaks.

A foundation employee emailed the payroll schedule to board Chairman Bruce Lindsey and John Podesta, who currently chairs Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. It included then-Chief Operating Office and Chief of Staff Laura Graham’s salary recommendations for 2012 for rank-and-file employees.

Overall, the average salary for women and men was close. But men out-earned women. Men earned $68,164 compared to $64,118 for women, on average. The median salary also was higher for men, $55,200 compared with $50,000.

The spreadsheet included 62 employees, 37 women and 25 men. It did not include people who received money from the foundation as contractors. The top-paid employee on the list was senior adviser Justin Cooper, who was pulling in $127,000. The lowest-paid employee was a female assistant making $18,000.

Interestingly enough, the ‘equal pay fact check’ page (seen below) on Clinton’s campaign site is no longer operational.

Hillary equal pay


Perhaps an underpaid employee was running that page.

Regardless, the numbers provided by the spreadsheet show that on average, men earned 6% more in salary than women. The difference in median salary was even higher, reaching nearly 10%.

Politifact’s check of statements Donald Trump has made in the past that women have been paid less at the Clinton Foundation tells you all you need to know about Fact Check websites. They rated his claim “half-true.”

Now that documents from within the Clinton campaign itself have proven Trump to be 100% accurate, do you think they’ll update their analysis any time soon?

Yea, we won’t hold our breath either.

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