Feminists Protest Builders ‘Your Wife Wants Me’ Billboard

Demonstrating a firm grasp on the important things in life, a group of college feminists took to the streets to protest a building company’s “sexist” billboard which shows a newly remodeled kitchen and the phrase “your wife wants me.”

The protesters, numbering about twenty, were lined up on Route 9 by Siena College in Loudonville, holding signs of protest.  One sign appears to say “I prefer an office,” the suggestion being that any wife that would like a newly renovated kitchen must not work during the day.

Fox 23’s John Gray posted the picture to his Facebook page:

News Channel 10 provides a close up view of the billboard:


As well as this image of one protest sign which reads “Men can make their own sandwiches.”

One of the protesters took to Twitter to express her displeasure with the billboards, and any man who would dare to purchase her a new kitchen.  And damn it, you know she’s serious when the CAPS LOCK comes out a-flailin’!


— Olivia Emigh (@SoooOblivias) March 21, 2015

Emigh, who appears to be a senior at Siena College, also announced the protest via Twitter.

Protesting the sexist “your wife wants me” billboard on route 9 between newton plaza and Siena tomorrow from 4:30 to 5:30!! @GenderActivism

— Olivia Emigh (@SoooOblivias) March 23, 2015

She is also listed on the staff page of the Bowman Center for Women at Siena.

The following link to their Facebook page shows some of the Bowman Center women shopping for groceries.  Which is in no way ironically sexist.

The group also posted additional photos of the protest.

Teakwood Builders, the company behind the “your wife wants me” billboards, issued a response which Gray refers to as ‘terse.’  Though I would argue having put in two words worth of response far exceeds anything that is warranted.

The statement explains that the “vast majority” of the company’s clients are women who make decisions about major expenditures.  They add, “This billboard – and the entire ‘Your wife wants me’ campaign is good-natured, tongue in cheek fun meant to appeal to women who have a sense of humor, a sense of history and healthy self-esteem.”

They closed by thanking the feminists for drawing attention to the “gorgeous” kitchen featured on the billboard.

A majority of comments regarding the protest were negative towards the group.

One response referred to the feminist group as “complete morons” with “too much free time.”

Another told the protesters to “get a sense of humor.”

While yet another claimed the protest made her “embarrassed to be female.”

Of the 600+ comments the photo received thus far, I’ve yet to encounter one siding with the feminists.

Here is a link to Teakwood Builder’s Facebook page, and a mildly humorous but completely non-sexist ‘your wife wants me‘ commercial.



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