FBI Raids San Juan City Offices – Including Anti-Trump Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz

FBI agents raided offices in a San Juan building housing city officials, including those involved with the administration of Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

The raid involved dozens of FBI agents reportedly looking for documents related to “corruption” inside the administration’s purchasing and contracting departments.

The Hill reported that the raid, conducted Tuesday morning, involved allegations that people within the mayor’s office and other city officials may have shown favoritism when doling out multi-million dollar contracts with BR solutions, a company whose owner donated money to Cruz’s campaign.

“If someone has done something wrong, must be subjected to a due process and face the consequences of their actions,” Cruz said.

FBI spokesman Carlos Osorio said, “We have received allegations that they have been fixing contracts, that they are falsifying documents – these having to do with federal funds.”

Osorio indicated that the Mayor herself was not targeted in the raid, though those working in the same office building were.

Decenas de agentes del FBI ocupan el 15to piso de la Torre Municipal. Asi llegaron esta mañana los federales. pic.twitter.com/z3h1CObwLp

— Luis Guardiola (@GuardiolaTwitt) October 16, 2018


Trump Foreshadowed Corruption

The raid took place just weeks after President Trump accused the San Juan mayor of corruption in handcuffing recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

“It was a total mess, it was corrupt — couldn’t be worse,” Trump claimed in an interview with Geraldo Rivera.

The President added that Cruz was “incompetent” and a veritable “horror show.”

Trump also tweeted a quote about a month ago from Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs which alleged that Puerto Rico’s government in general was a “corrupt” entity.

“The story of Puerto Rico is the rebuilding that has occurred. The President has done an extraordinary job of cleanup, rebuilding electrical stuff and everything else.” @EdRollins “The people of Puerto Rico have one of the most corrupt governments in our country.” @LouDobbs

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 15, 2018


Another Trump Claim Proven

President Trump, has long chastised Cruz and other San Juan officials for their inept response to the hurricane.

According to a CNBC report about hurricane recovery efforts in 2017, Trump said that ‘food and water had been brought to Puerto Rico, but it wasn’t being distributed by local people.’

Last month, bombshell photographs surfaced showing nearly one million water bottles had been dropped off for delivery at an airport in Puerto Rico over a year ago, but were never distributed by local authorities.

BREAKING: What may be millions of water bottles. meant for victims of Hurricane Maria, have been sitting on a runway in Ceiba, Puerto Rico, since last year, according to @FEMA, which confirmed the news to me, late tonight, after pictures, posted today on social media, went viral. pic.twitter.com/jidGJAvCyJ

— David Begnaud (@DavidBegnaud) September 12, 2018


Those bottles were delivered to the General Services Administration (GSA) which has an office in San Juan, but never reached those people who desperately needed water.

Cruz – Puerto Rico’s Version of Hillary

Mayor Cruz, much like Hillary Clinton, spends a good bulk of her time criticizing the President while not actually accomplishing much.

In order to prove her anti-Trump credentials, she appeared on left-wing media outlets wearing a “nasty woman” t-shirt, a reference to a phrase used by the President to describe her muse, Hillary.

At the same time, she failed to meet with a single federal official regarding aid, and didn’t attend a single FEMA meeting despite numerous invitations.

And, much like Hillary, the media is gangbusters about covering Cruz when she says something negative about Trump, but when a corruption investigation results in a raid on her administration’s offices, there is utter silence.

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