The New York Post reports:

Chris Christie may not have gotten any sunon Monday, but some callers did try to burn him.

A week after the New Jersey governor’s infamous trip to a beach that was closed to the public amid a government shutdown, the brash bigmouth sat in Mike Francesa’s seat at WFAN to audition for the role — and open himself up to critics.

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The governor, whose approval rating sits at 15 percent, tried to talk New York sports, but Mike from Montclair wasn’t interested.

“Governor, next time you want to sit on a beach that is closed to the entire world except you, you put your fat ass in a car and go to one that’s open to all your constituents,” the caller said before Christie could get a word in.

“Hey,” Christie tried to interrupt, speaking in a what-about-the-children tone. The Republican then attempted to bite back.

“Interesting, Mike,” Christie said, as captured by Sports Funhouse. “You know Mike, I love getting calls from communists in Montclair.”

Christie did not try to defend his holiday beach day, a trip whose existence he had denied before the Star-Ledger published photos as evidence. Instead, Christie, who reportedly used “bitching” earlier in the show, grasped his pearls at the language used.

“You’re a bully. And I don’t like bullies,” Mike said.

“Listen, I’m not the guy who came on the air, swore on the air … You’re swearing on the air, Mike. You’re a bum,” Christie shot back.

After talking over each other unintelligibly for a while — great sports-talk radio — Christie felt proud of shutting someone down.

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