Is the Choom Gang back in town?

Nationally syndicated columnist and renowned American economist Peter Morici certainly thinks so.

Asked point blank by Fox Business host Stuart Varney to comment on President Obama and vice-President Biden’s assessment that the Obama economy is doing great, Morici responded that the two must be “smoking dope.”

“After the worst recession in 80 years, we’ve fought our way back,” Obama told the DNC. “We’ve seen deficits come down, 401(k)s recover, an auto industry set new records, unemployment reach eight-year lows, and our businesses create 15 million new jobs.”

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Earlier in the week, Biden said “Not only do we have the largest economy in the world, we have the strongest economy in the world.”

But Morici disagrees …


The look on Varney’s face when Morici says “they’re smoking dope, that’s absolutely absurd” is priceless.

By the way, if anyone thinks that’s a far-fetched notion, here’s a visual reminder …

Obama smoking dope:

Obama Dope Choom Gang


And here’s an image of Biden smokin’:

Smokin' Joe Biden


Alright, just kidding on that last one. Honestly, you can Google any search term on Joe Biden and half of the images that show up look like he’s on something.

Back to our original topic …

“First of all, Ronald Reagan had a deeper recession but let’s put that aside,” Morici said.

He then launched into a litany of things wrong with the Obama economy.

“The middle class is shrinking, wages are stagnant and look at the social indicators,” he explained. “Suicides are up, drug abuse is up. Home ownership is at a 48-year low. And the middle class is absolutely dissolving!”

Morici added, “This is basically the party of the aristocracy of college professors who sit around all day and dream up ways to raise taxes.”

The economist recently penned a column in which he defended and promoted Trumponomics, saying the Republican presidential nominee’s plan “better align(s) the party with contemporary economic and political realities.”

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