Explaining the Climate Change Scam In One Perfect Meme

It doesn’t take much to put the climate change scam to rest, but we think we’ve found one meme that does it precisely and with a timely take due to the oncoming presence of Hurricane Florence.

Florence had its path, level of destruction, size, the rate of speed, and everything in between evaluated by meteorologists for the past week or so, and little stayed consistent.

For much of the early part of the week, the storm was expected to remain a strong Category 4 until just before it hit landfall and would drop down to a category 3.

Late Wednesday night she had been downgraded to a Category 2, then later still, a Category 1.

Just this Wednesday, a state thought to be escaping the destructive path of the Hurricane, Georgia, was now predicted to get hit by the storm.

UPDATE: Due to the updated track of #HurricaneFlorence and after consulting with state officials today, @VP has canceled his scheduled trip to Georgia. The @VP will remain in Washington, DC to monitor the federal response.

— Alyssa Farah (@VPPressSec) September 13, 2018


And of course, the climate change fanatics will remind you that this is the ‘biggest storm of our lifetime’ to portray it as something that has never happened before, failing to add context that the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old and that maybe a 50 or 60 year history isn’t indicative of any trend or pattern.

With that in mind, we ask one simple question of global warming (because that’s what you used to call it) nuts:


Let’s be realistic, people.

A recent study published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” indicates that global average temperatures are rising at a rate of 0.17 degrees Celsius per decade.

Despite admitting their study looked at “arbitrary numbers,” the authors of the report claim we must “urgently accelerate the transition toward a greenhouse gas emission-free economy.”

And yet by this time tomorrow, another weather pattern – the path of Hurricane Florence – will have changed course again and the strength and intensity will have been upgraded or downgraded two or three more times.

Not only that, but a pair of studies from 1996 and 2016 indicated that the average temperature of the Earth in both years was 58.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Meaning over a two-decade span there was absolutely no warming of the planet.

Can’t predict hurricanes, can’t predict temperatures and can’t predict weather on a daily basis but sure, we have the status of the Earth nailed down 50 years from today. ?

It’s not just the climate change alarmists who seem to have a crystal ball when it’s convenient. Democrats have already begun criticizing President Trump for the chaos and ill-preparedness of the administration in responding to the storm … days before it even makes landfall.

“You know what I fear, is the calamity, because of the lack of coordination of the government, with the National Guard, and with local government,” Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez asserted.

Leave it to a congressman to pretend they know something they don’t. What the rest of us fear isn’t the unknown of the future, it’s the unknown for liberals in the present – the new Know-Nothing party.

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