A makeshift coalition of left- and right-leaning groups have joined together to call for a halt to Governor Cuomo’s lone economic ‘achievement’ – the START-UP NY economic development program.

Multiple groups, including the Working Families Party that endorsed Cuomo for governor, and the state’s Conservative Party, are calling for a moratorium on businesses being added to the program while the state comptroller’s office conducts an audit.

Via State of Politics:

A coalition of liberal and conservative organizations on Wednesday called for the state to shutter the START-UP NY economic development program.

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The groups include the left-leaning Working Families Party and the state Conservative Party as well as the Fiscal Policy Institute, National Federation of Independent Businesses/NY, Reinvent Albany and Citizen Action of New York.

(The state Republican Committee, though not part of the coalition, has repeatedly raised issues with START-UP as well).

For now, the coalition wants the state to stop adding new businesses to program while the state comptroller’s office audits the program.

The news comes after a recent report demonstrated that despite millions of dollars being spent on advertising, and at an overall cost of $53 million, the program has only created 76 jobs.

If you’re wondering, that’s nearly $700,000 per job.

Start-Up NY is an initiative designed to allow businesses that locate in close proximity to state college campuses to be rewarded with 10 years of tax free operations.

Last year, Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin warned New Yorkers that Start-Up NY was “a scam that will do virtually nothing to help NY.”

McLaughlin added, “Picking winners and losers through centralized planning has never, and will never work.”

Now, even Cuomo’s base has picked up on that fact.

Don’t worry however, the Cuomo administration has a solution to the lack of jobs – they’ll simply change how they calculate the numbers.

What could possibly go wrong?