Even Trump’s Critics Are Defending Him From This Ridiculous NYT Liberal Hit Piece

We all know they’re coming. We just didn’t know they’d be this sad and pathetic.

With the Republican nomination firmly in his grasp, Donald Trump has become the target of the liberal, Hillary Clinton-cheerleading media.

And the hit pieces will now start to roll in.

The New York Times fired off the first significant shot, running a hit piece on Trump’s “unsettling” treatment of women. The ‘major’ investigative piece yielded few results, and in fact put the Times itself on the defensive when one of the women interviewed accused the writers of spinning her words.

Trump’s former girlfriend, Rowanne Brewer Lane, said the Times report was “completely misleading” because their reporters “spun” her words and “put a negative connotation on what (she) was saying.”

The entire incident has led conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer to scoff at the media’s efforts to hammer Trump.

“If this is the best that the (media) can do,” Krauthammer said, “it’s time to plan for the inauguration.”

Listen to Krauthammer’s comments below …

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Via Fox News Insider:

Charles Krauthammer reacted to recent “hit pieces” published in the media about Donald Trump that he says have fizzled.

Krauthammer said that a New York Times’ article published over the weekend about Trump’s history with women turned up nothing.

Trump’s ex-girlfriend Rowanne Brewer Lane told Fox and Friends this morning that she was misquoted and that her words were taken out of context.

Krauthammer said: “It looks as if the Times had 50 interviews, spent a lot of money and time, knew it didn’t really have a story, came out exactly with…a story that was nuanced, interesting, but there was nothing scandalous about it.

“If this is the best that the Times and the press can do trying to create scandal around Donald Trump, it’s time to plan for the inauguration.”

Following the Times hit piece, Trump took to social media to blast them.

“The media is really on a witch-hunt against me,” he wrote. “False reporting, and plenty of it – but we will prevail!”

The effort to portray Trump as anti-woman was so poorly executed that within a 24-hour news cycle CNN had declared the real estate mogul to be the victor in the media battle.

“Trump had muddied the narrative,” they wrote. “Now the Times … was on the defensive.”

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