Even Liberals Were Outraged By Secret Lynch/Clinton Meeting (WATCH)

Man, every now and again words of wisdom come forth from comedian Bill Maher that you just don’t expect. Usually it involves his realistic views on the threat of radical Islam. More recently however, he managed to espouse some common sense on a severely lacking left-wing panel.

During a segment on Real Time, Maher listened to MSNBC reporter Ari Melber and Democrat congresswoman Barbara Lee come to the defense of Hillary and Bill Clinton, regarding the latter’s visit with the Attorney General.

Melber, who is an alleged legal expert for the network, dismissed the meeting between Clinton and Loretta Lynch as “dumb” but said it “isn’t a real scandal.”

The host immediately laughed of his comments as “real MSNBC boilerplate.”

Lee defended Lynch as having “a lot of integrity” and tried to change the focus back to Republicans in the Benghazi hearing. Maher also laughed that off as irrelevant.

Maher would have none of it, suggesting the proper response to a request to meet would have been “Get off my plane,” Harrison Ford style.

Check out the segment below …



Via the Blaze:

Coming to Melber’s aid was Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee (Calif.), who insisted the attorney general “has a lot of integrity” and was “very forthright” about her discussion with the former commander in chief. At that, Lee — for some reason — started talking about the Select Benghazi Committee’s investigation, which she lamented “cost the taxpayers $7 million.”

“That has nothing to do with it,” Maher interjected.

Melber again suggested the meeting was inconsequential, telling Maher that it would be a “tough call” if the president asked to meet with you in the way Bill Clinton approached Lynch, who is overseeing investigations into Hillary Clinton’s tenure at secretary of state.

“How about saying, ‘I’m the attorney general. I’m looking into your wife. I’m about to indict her, or not. Get off my plane,’ like Harrison Ford,” Maher charged.

“And to spend 30 minutes — that’s a long time to be talking about your grandchildren,” he continued. “And now, by the way, [Bill Clinton] screwed Hillary [Clinton] … because now, when it comes to [Lynch’s] desk, now, she’s under a microscope like she never would have been before.”

For those who need a refresher on that Harrison Ford scene from “Air Force One,” here it is …


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