European Golfer Challenges American Heckler to Sink Putt – And He DOES!

In what one Golf Channel analyst described as “one of the great putts in Ryder Cup history,” American spectator David Johnson created a moment on the greens of Hazeltine National Golf Club that may be remembered far longer than the tournament itself.

Johnson, who playfully heckled the European golfers as they practiced their putting, was called out to put his money where his mouth was.

Henrik Stenson of Sweden called Johnson out and challenged him to sink the same put he and his teammates were missing, while English golfer Justin Rose upped the ante by placing a $100 bill at his feet.

Johnson accepted the challenge and promptly did this …

Has the @rydercup started already??????????????????

— Rory McIlroy (@McIlroyRory) September 29, 2016


Man that thing was going in hot … If it didn’t go in the hole it was going to end up off the green before it stopped rolling and Johnson would have been eating crow.

But it didn’t.

Via the Washington Post:

America found a new hero on Thursday in Ryder Cup spectator David Johnson. The North Dakota man successfully called the bluffs of Henrik Stenson and Justin Rose, who during a practice session invited the heckling Johnson to make a difficult putt that their Team Europe teammate Rory McIlroy had just missed minutes before. Can you guess what happened?

Dressed in a bright red pullover, faded blue jeans and a pair of golf-questionable loafers, Johnson easily sunk the shot to earn the $100 bill that Rose had slapped down on the green just before the American lined up.

“This is one of the great putts in Ryder Cup history,” a Golf Channel broadcaster said, just before the crowd at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minn., erupted into a roar possibly louder than the one Stenson earned when he won the British Open this year, or by Rose when he won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics. The two Europeans certainly didn’t earn the rousing “USA!” chants that Johnson did on Thursday.

A really fun moment – Johnson got to play the loud American heckler while the European players gave him due credit with high fives and hugs all around.

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