File this one under ‘Had Trump Said This It’d Be Racist.’

New e-mails revealed in the latest Wikileaks dump show Hillary Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta, urging the Democrat nominee to reach out to a pair of “needy Latinos.”

In the e-mail, the subject of which is titled ‘Needy Latinos and 1 easy call,’ Federico Peña (whose name was misspelled) and Bill Richardson are the pair identified as being “needy Latinos.”


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Via the Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, urged the former secretary of state to contact two “needy Latinos” to convince them to endorse her for president, hacked emails released on Wednesday show.

“Needy Latinos and 1 easy call,” Podesta wrote to Clinton in an Aug. 21, 2015 email released by Wikileaks.

Podesta went on to list Federico Pena, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Transportation, and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson as the two Latinos Clinton should woo.

Podesta portrays Peña as an emotional wreck who is “close to committing, but carrying some baggage.”

Richardson is described as useful for being on Latino networks such as Telemundo or Univision, but that “he can be a dick.”

Richardson stopped being a d*** to Hillary in August of 2015, endorsing her for President, while the needy, baggage-riddled Peña continued to waffle, supporting her campaign while not making an official endorsement.

The ‘1 easy call’ mentioned in the Podesta e-mail happens to be former South Carolina governor Jim Hodges, who is not Latino. Or needy, apparently.

No word on whether or not wooing ‘needy Latinos’ is part of the DNC’s famed ‘taco bowl‘ outreach program.

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