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New York

Eighth Democrat Indicted in Upstate New York Ballot Fraud Investigation

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Gird your loins for 2012, conservatives.  A voter fraud case in upstate New York should serve as a reminder of what crooked politicians are willing to try during an election year.

The election fraud in Troy grows ever larger…

Via the Times Union:

A grand jury investigating ballot fraud in a 2009 primary indicted City Councilman Gary Galuski.  He is the eighth person to face charges in connection with the probe.

Galuski was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Rensselaer County Court by Greene County Court Judge George J. Pulver. Galuski pleaded not guilty.

Galuski was charged with four counts of first-degree falsifying business records.

The case centers around fraudulent attempts to get Democrat candidates on the ballot for the Working Families Party.  The problem with the WFP?  Roger Stone reports:

The WFP has been proven to be nothing more than a front for ACORN and its left-ward agenda.

WFP is used by ACORN as a sledge hammer to force Democrats to toe the Union line.  WFP was founded by key members of ACORN, and shares many of its political strategies.  The WFP has listed ACORN as an affiliate program directly on their Web site.

For those thinking ACORN has disbanded in New York, think again.  They simply had a name change to  New York Communities for Change.

I covered corruption in the local WFP a year ago:

The question is, why wouldn’t the Working Families Party fight for the integrity of their own voting and registration process by ensuring these things do not reoccur? The answer is, they are nothing than a bastion of corrupt politics.

What you won’t see in any media report is the long-established history between the WFP and the uber-corrupt former organization known as ACORN.  ACORN has recently fallen on hard times but much like the Hydra from Greek mythology, if you cut off one head, two more will grow in it’s place.

The WFP has been shown to be nothing more than a front for ACORN and its radical policies. Why?

  • RedState has demonstrated that the WFP was founded by key members of ACORN, and shares many of its political strategies.
  • The WFP has listed ACORN as an affiliate program directly on their Web site.
  • Roger Stone calls the New York Working Families Party “one of ACORN’s most successful projects”.
  • The New York Post analyzes the many shady dealings of the WFP, and its affiliation with ACORN.

When the upstate voter fraud case first broke, the Times Union interviewed Karen Scharff, co-chair of the Capital District WFP.  A little digging on Scharff’s political history reveals the following:

  • Scharff has been involved in health care meetings coordinated by her group, Citizen Action, and ACORN.  A picture of one such event appears on the Times Union blog.
  • Her name appears on a letter of support for ACORN, in which criticism of their work is labeled as ‘mainly partisan’ attacks.
  • An article regarding the power of fusion politics, a tactic used by the WFP, shows Scharff’s activism in the election of Albany District Attorney, David Soares. The article covers the tandem work of the WFP and Citizen Action, along with the strong ties that the WFP has with ACORN. One key element here is the mention of Bertha Lewis who is described as ‘the executive director of ACORN’s New York City chapter’. Lewis also serves as co-chair for the WFP.
  • Another article celebrating the Soares victory appears in the Nation, in which Scharff’s WFP work is mentioned alongside the work of Dan Cantor. Cantor also serves as Executive Director for the WFP, and was national organizer for the ‘New Party’ in the ‘90s, a socialist group with strong ties to ACORN. In fact, the New Ground described the New Party’s ‘biggest asset and biggest liability’ as ACORN.
  • Scharff serves on the Advisory Board for the Center for Working Families, alongside Jon Kest, Director of the New York Association of Community Organization for Reform Now.

Scharff, of course, continues to show up on advisory boards with members from the newly named ACORN.

Read more of my report at Emerging Corruption…

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance journalist focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been writing conservatively charged articles for several years in the upstate New York area, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, American Thinker,, Big Government, the Times Union, and the Troy Record. He is also Editor of one of the top conservative blogs of 2012, the Mental Recession.

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