Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson provided a different type of response regarding the gun debate in America, suggesting there is another factor in the equation other than just pro-Second Amendment, or radical left gun grabber crazy kickers xxl download kostenlos downloaden.

There’s also something else to consider … God.

During a discussion on’s show “Pure Talk, Robertson debated the matter with Rev to do listeen. Pat Mahoney, who has been involved in the March For Our Lives.

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The two found common ground in prayer, agreeing it is a vital part of changing the hearts and minds of those who inflict evil on innocent people ältere mac os downloaden.

The good versus evil aspect is something to consider, according to Robertson.

“We’re backing away from good versus evil and there has to be good if there is evil,” Robertson said jurassic world evolution pc herunterladen. “No matter what side of the (gun violence) issue you are on, we all agree that that is … evil behavior. Well, if that is evil, there is an opposite and that is good.”

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Robertson then claimed the solution to this problem “is Christ.”

Robertson pointed out that mental illness is most definitely a factor in these school shootings and instances of violence involving guns, but she pointed out that the ‘lack of Christ’ in people’s lives also plays a role in these tragic cases imessage herunterladen.

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She’s right. The schools especially have abandoned God, abandoned morals, and abandoned rules in an attempt to placate children and parents microsoft store movies. It’s been to their own detriment.

Robertson continued, saying prayer is a powerful tool in the fight against gun violence.


In a previous interview, Robertson said the gun is not the problem, it’s the heart of the evil person that creates the violence where to download ebooks for free.

“Where our perspective comes from is, it’s the heart of the person,” she explained. “That person, his heart is either good or bad, and they’re going to follow their heart.”

“And I pray for peoples’ hearts to change, because if they don’t they’re going to find a way to hurt people.”

In other words, it’s not the gun that hurts people, it’s the evil individual or individuals who hurt people download from orf tvthek.

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