NOAH: “Well, I mean, it is— it is weird to root for her, which we do as viewers, because she is killing people to eat them.”

BARRYMORE: “People who don’t need to be here, though.”

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NOAH: “But, you see, that’s— that’s the ultimate dilemma, though. Like, how does she decide who is not supposed to be here?”

BARRYMORE “How do you decide who is not supposed to be here?”

NOAH: “Well, I don’t eat people, Drew Barrymore. I haven’t eaten everyone in, like, 10 years.”

BARRYMORE: “That would certainly eliminate your audience every night of who you think is good or bad, even in the most metaphorical ways.”

NOAH: “Yes, but if I ate them, I feel like I it would be taking it to the next level. ‘Last night, Trevor Noah ate Donald Trump.’ That would be a headline I don’t think many people would be able to get over.”

BARRYMORE: “I think we’re all checking our phones every morning waiting for that headline.”

NOAH: “Please, please, please. I’m on a no-carbs diet. The story that you tell here is.”