This is what we in the business refer to as “stating the obvious”.

We know this because only white liberals project by calling everybody that opposes their liberal policies and platforms, racist.

They see everything through a prism of black and white, and they simply can not comprehend opposition to their politics, so they dumb it down by saying said opposition is racist.

Via the Huffington Post:

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Dr. Ben Carson, a black Johns Hopkins University neurosurgeon and conservative favorite after challenging President Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast, said Monday on “The Mark Levin Show” that white liberals are “racist.”

“And you’re attacked in many respects because of your race. You’re not supposed to think like this, and supposed to talk like this. A lot of white liberals just don’t like it, do they?” said Levin, host of the syndicated radio show.

“Well, they’re the most racist people there are. You know, they put you in a little category, a little box — you have to think this way. How could you dare come off the plantation?” responded Carson.

No doubt, Carson will immediately be labeled an Uncle Tom, token, or various other liberal call words.