Rep. Doug Collins mocked House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for failing to appear at Monday’s impeachment inquiry hearing.

Today’s events are being officiated by Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, and essentially consists of a hearing involving staff members asking other staff members questions and providing closing arguments wie kann man musik downloaden.

Collins noted Schiff’s no-show and suggested it was evidence that “he can’t back up his own report.”

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He then took Schiff to task for making up the phone call at the crux of the impeachment inquiry, something the California Democrat definitively did, and by doing so, entered the fictional conversation into the record kleiderkreisel herunterladen.

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“You know how I know this is also a problematic experience?” Collins asked.

“Just look over the past three weeks, when the chairman of the Intelligence Committee – who by the way is absent today, guess he can’t back up his own report – but he started his own hearing by making up the factual call.”

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Schiff Relentlessly Mocked

Collins continued tearing into Schiff over the impeachment farce he has foisted upon the American people, suggesting the congressional ringmaster was a coward, hiding behind his own staff windows xp 32 bit herunterladen.

“Adam Schiff, when he told us he wasn’t gonna come, instead hiding behind his staff, he also told us that we’re gonna keep investigating because they know this is going nowhere in the Senate and they’re desperate to have an impeachment vote on this president,” the Georgia congressman suggested Need for speed underground 2 free download full version.

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Rep. Jim Jordan also implied that Schiff’s absence was noteworthy because it amounts to using unelected individuals to take down the President spider downloaden.

We don’t get to hear from [Schiff] today,” Jordan said kostenlos windows 10 herunterladen deutsch. “Dems want to use unelected staff to remove a duly-elected President, none of whom are directly accountable to the people.”

Odd that Schiff wouldn’t want to be at the show, regardless of the excuses amazon purchased song. Especially considering he has been caught pompously posing for the cameras at other impeachment events herunterladen.


Schiff Embarrassed

Republicans even went so far as to put Adam Schiff’s mug on the side of a milk carton and propped it up for everyone in the chambers to see.

The carton reads, “Missing,” and adds, “If found, contact Chairman Nadler. Request that Schiff testify at today’s impeachment hearing.”


Nadler has been protecting the carefully crafted impeachment scam, denying GOP witness requests, including calls for Schiff himself to testify.

Schiff has been the butt of several jokes throughout the inquiry process.

Jordan blasted the Democrat for claiming he didn’t know who the whistleblower was, deadpanning “nobody believes you.”

Rep. Devin Nunes ridiculed Schiff at the very onset of the hearings, referencing an incident in which Schiff was caught on tape trying to secure naked photos of President Trump.

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