Dear Garry Trudeau,

If one has to explain the difference between a sonogram and rape to you, then perhaps this topic isn’t your strongest point musiken gratis und legal.

That is all.

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Only in the mind of a liberal can it possibly make sense to describe a procedure which provides images and sounds of a child’s heartbeat, as rape movies from sky.  But the succeeding procedure, in which a doctor reaches into the mother’s womb, either with a surgical instrument or a poison and deliberately kills the child, is called a woman’s reproductive right herunterladen.


Via CNSNews:

In an interview published by The Washington Post on Friday, cartoonist Garry Trudeau, creator of “Doonesbury,” likened the pre-abortion sonogram required by a new Texas law to rape rlcraft herunterladen.
“You tell me the difference,” Trudeau said.
The Texas law, signed by Gov roblox on pc. Rick Perry, requires that abortionists administer a sonogram to a pregnant woman 24 hours before aborting her baby.
The U.S discord server bild herunterladen. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit upheld the law in January, describing its requirements as follows: “The amendments require the physician ‘who is to perform an abortion’ to perform and display a sonogram of the fetus, make audible the heart auscultation of the fetus for the woman to hear, and explain to her the results of each procedure and to wait 24 hours, in most cases, between these disclosures and performing the abortion 360 total security herunterladen. A woman may decline to view the images or hear the heartbeat, but she may decline to receive an explanation of the sonogram images only on certification that her pregnancy falls into one of three statutory exceptions.”
The court said that under the law “the physician’s unconditional obligations are merely to display images so they may be viewed, to provide anunderstandable explanation, and to make audible the auscultation.” The law, the court said, “specifically does not require the physician to ensure the woman views the images, that she understands the explanation, or that she listens to the auscultation.”
In a six-day story line that will appear in his cartoon this week, Trudeau attempts to lampoon Gov windows 7 on windows 10 for free. Perry and other Texas lawmakers who backed the sonogram law by depicting the visit of a woman seeking to abort her child to the doctor who will perform the deed herunterladen.
Universal UClick, Trudeau’s syndicate, is offering an alternative Doonesbury cartoon series this week to newspapers that are purchasers of the comic strip but do not want to run Trudeau’s attack on the sonogram law instagram foto's downloaden mac.