This Is Why You Don’t Try an Armed Robbery at a Gun Store

A pair of armed robbers attempted to hold up a gun shop in Georgia, and while most of us would think the owners of the store might be armed themselves, these two criminal masterminds were completely caught off guard.

The criminal duo stormed the Dixie Gun and Pawn in Mableton, Georgia a day after Christmas, shouting at employees “Get down on the floor or I will kill you!”

64-year-old Jimmy Groover, the owner of the shop, surprisingly had his own weapon within arms length, and calmly started firing at the robbers.

And surveillance footage caught the entire scene (Warning: Graphic Content) …

Via Fox News Insider:

Suddenly, two gun-wielding men storm into the store. Groover’s employee raises his hands, as the robbers point their weapons.

The suspects reportedly yelled, “Get down on the floor or I will kill you!”

Off-screen, Groover grabs his own weapon and the next thing you see is him shooting and killing one suspect, then shooting at the second as well.

Police said the first gunman died at the scene. The second gunman took off in a silver Dodge Magnum, and reports say police are still searching for him.

Praise for Groover’s actions could be found across the country:

What a great shot Sir you are a badass!!

He realized what was going on in a split second .. stayed calm the…

— Kelly Ryan (@kellyryanradio) January 11, 2017

An Armed robber Get’s killed by well practiced gun shop owner in Georgia.

— KurtwVs (@kurtwvs) January 10, 2017


Not to mention, mockery for the would-be armed robbers:

Armed robber killed by gun shop owner in Georgia while the store is open for’s your sign….

— Kinsman (@kinsman59) January 11, 2017


Police have indicated that charges are not likely to be filed for Groover’s act of self-defense.

“I never wanted this to happen,” Groover explained, “but I want to go home at night, too.”


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