Donald Trump Just Reduced This Hip Hop Artist to Tears

During an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, a hip hop artist let his uber-emotional, pajama-boy side show, being overcome with emotion over the thought of a Donald Trump presidency., the Black Eyed Peas founder who apparently missed elementary school lessons on punctuation, was asked about his biggest fear should Trump win.

He then proceeded to tear up before running off a list of things he doesn’t think Trump cares about as much as he does.

Via Raw Story:

Hip-hop artist William Adams, who is better known as, appeared momentarily overcome with emotion on Sunday when MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid asked him about his “biggest fear” from a Donald Trump presidency.

“It’s just sad,” Adams said, struggling for words. “I can’t explain how — how sad this is. I mean, if you just look at what’s happening, it’s just sad.”

“I love this country,” he continued. “I love all the potentials we have. Like, why are we even here? Why is this even the conversation? There are so many people that are hurting, so many people that are homeless, so many people still in the projects.”


I don’t typically like to relish in anyone’s grief, but come on.

This is on par with other hilarious crying videos such as …


Or …


Also, this … went on to list individuals that he doesn’t think Trump cares about. Surprisingly, that list didn’t include people like Kate Steinle, or any of the brave Americans we lost in Benghazi.

Who knows, maybe he was just getting misty-eyed because he was looking for a date – this recent study of online dating habits shows liberals love doing yoga and crying a lot.

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