Donald Trump Jr. Challenges Hunter Biden to “Man Up” and Debate Him

Donald Trump Jr. told former vice president Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, he needed to “man up,” challenging him to a debate before the 2020 presidential election. hunter biden trump

The President’s son said the crux of the challenge was the mainstream media’s obsession with suggesting that he, like Hunter, used his father’s name and status as a means to further his own ambitions.

Trump made the remarks in an interview with Axios and followed up with another challenge on social media.

“The [mainstream media] loves making a false equivalency between us, so let’s settle it,” he wrote. “I challenge Hunter Biden to man up [and] debate me.”

The MSM loves making a false equivalency between us, so lets settle it:

I challenge Hunter Biden to man up & debate me@JimVandeHei moderates. Hunter releases his tax returns & I release mine. Let’s have an open convo about who really profited from their father’s public office!

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) March 8, 2020


Full Transparency

Trump Jr. also suggested the two sons release their tax returns to reveal which of the two benefitted more from their father’s life in public office.

“We can go full transparency, we show everything, and we can talk about all of the places where I am supposedly grifting but Hunter Biden isn’t,” he said.

The President’s son, much like his father, realizes the only way to circumvent the mainstream media’s protection of Hunter is to create his own narrative through other means. Thus the debate challenge, which would force coverage of Biden’s son’s misdeeds.

Donald Trump Jr. tells #AxiosOnHBO he wants to debate Hunter Biden over who has benefited more financially from their father’s government service. @dctvny @hbodocs

— Axios (@axios) March 8, 2020


The Difference hunter biden trump

In issuing this challenge, Trump has brilliantly explained the difference between his and Biden’s financial success – Hunter used a taxpayer-funded office as his stepping stone.

“The difference is I made a lot of money from my father because I worked in his company for 20 years as a private businessman,” Trump Jr. told Axios. “Hunter Biden got lucrative jobs at MBNA, the biggest bank in the state of Delaware, where daddy happened to be a senator.”

“I was an international business person before my father got into politics. That’s what we did. I’m not going to say I haven’t benefited from my father’s last name, just like Hunter Biden did. I’d be foolish to say that,” he continued. “But I haven’t benefited from my father’s taxpayer-funded office, okay?”

Trump Jr. went on to say he’d “love to” debate Hunter.

“I would love to do it,” he insisted.

There is no way Biden would take part in such a challenge, and the media would find a way to protect him regardless.

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