Don Lemon on Trump Leading Among Hispanic Voters in Florida: ‘Noooo!’ — That’s Everybody Watching This Show


>> My goodness. Let’s talk more about this poll. It shows Trump leading among Latino voters in Florida with 50% support. Biden has 46%. But in 2016 in the exit polls it showed that Hillary Clinton had 62% support of Latino voters in Florida. How worried should the Biden campaign be about this?

>> Well, they shouldn’t be that worried about that poll when it comes to Latino voters. Understand about 17% of the registered voters in the state are Hispanic. About 15% of the actual votes probably going to be cast by people who classify themselves as Hispanic. That poll there has fewer than 150, 180 Latino respondents. The margin of error is all over the place. A pretty big sample size poll out last week showed Joe Biden up by about 17 points. That is pretty good. It sounds pretty good. It’s probably not good enough if he wants to win the state and it is still worse than Hillary Clinton did. That having been said, while Joe Biden appears to be under performing with Hispanic voters relative to Hillary Clinton he is over performing with non-Hispanic white voters that is still the super majority in the state. For every Hispanic vote he loses, quote-unquote, and Joe Biden picks up with white voters, he is making up a net of about four votes so that is a pretty good deal so far. I would urge everyone to understand these are polls. They’re snapshots in time. They have margins of error. The smartest and dumbest things said in Politics is it’s all about turnout and we’ll see what happens on Election Day. It could be so close it might take a few extra hours or days to declare the winner but Florida will have probably at least 75% of the vote in before Election Day both cast by absentee ballots in the mail or in-person early votes. We’ll probably have a pretty good idea who the leader is but it could be so close people have to be a little patient and we in the news media have to be cautious about declaring who the winner is on election night.

>> That sound you’re hearing. People are going no! It’s everybody watching the show who is — they don’t want that to happen. Mark, we thank you. John, we’ll see you soon.

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