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DNC Rule Change Has Democrat Candidates Melting Down

2020 Democrats seem to universally despise the DNC right now, and for good reason. dnc rule change

5 days before Michael Bloomberg announced his 2020 bid, he backed up a Brink’s truck to DNC HQ and unloaded.  And now the DNC has changed their debate criteria to benefit Michael Bloomberg.


Is Trump going to win?

(Reminder: the DNC previously did not change the debate criteria to help Cory Booker, Julian Castro, or Andrew Yang or to hold a climate debate.)


Cue the outrage from 2020 campaigns:


Trouble is also brewing among Democrat Party unity: While DNC Chair Tom Perez called AOC the “future” of the Democrat party, AOC “groans” at the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency and says that in any other country, her and Biden wouldn’t be in the same party.

Meanwhile, at the RNC, we had our best December in history, capping off our best-ever non-presidential year.

December Debt Cycle To Date Cash On Hand
RNC $26.5M $0 $241.1M $72M
DNC $8.7M $6.6M $92.3M $10.1M

In December, the RNC raised 3 times the DNC, we’ve raised over 2.5 times the DNC haul cycle to date, and we have 7 times more cash on hand.

What are we doing with these resources?

We’re continuing to build the largest field program and data operation in RNC history and we’ve already knocked on one million doors.



Why does all this matter?

No matter which Democrat becomes their nominee, they will be battered and bruised from a long primary, forced to embrace the radical positions of their party. Their nominee will have no infrastructure or data to inherit from the broke DNC.

Both of those things take time and money of which the DNC doesn’t have..

Bottom Line: While Democrats and the DNC fight amongst themselves, the RNC continues to forge ahead, outpacing their field efforts, all in an effort to re-elect President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot in November

P.S. The DNC hasn’t learned from their 2016 ways: They’re trying to rig it against Bernie again.


Via the Republican National Committee dnc rule change

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