DNC Leak: Staffer Complains That Obama’s Presidency Cost Him Cub Tickets

A short exchange included in the massive leak of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails reveals that a DNC staffer lost access to Chicago Cubs tickets because Barack Obama’s presidency alienated a former supporter.

“Do you have anyone that has good cubs tickets?” asks Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staffer Missy Kurek in an email to DNC finance director Jordan Kaplan. “I am looking for May 14th tickets v Pirates. Just need 2 tickets. You are my go-to Chicago person. Because I don’t want to ask my cousin.”

No can-do, Kaplan replies, and it’s all thanks to Obama. Apparently, a Democratic donor or other supporter cut off the DNC’s supply of Cubs tickets because of his disgust with Obama.

“I don’t have anyone anymore and the guy who we used to go to hates Obama now,” Kaplan said.

What caused the donor to turn on Obama isn’t clear.

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