During his incredibly brief comments on the Munich terror attack, President Obama somehow managed to find humor, cracking a joke about daughter Malia heading off to college.

Always about him, always the narcissist.

Worse, a vast majority of the media sat there and laughed along with him.

Perhaps it’s just me, but there isn’t much humor to be found in a situation where families are still waiting to identify the bodies of their loved ones. He actually says, just seconds before, that the shooting is “an active situation.” Yet he’s cracking jokes and laughing.

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Via Conservative Firing Line:

While devoting just over 30 seconds to the horrific terror attack in Munich, Germany, on Friday, President Obama actually cracked a joke about his daughters leaving home for school.  Worse yet, the lapdog media operatives at the presser laughed.

Here is the video clip of Obama’s stand up comedy act …


And here’s the transcript …

“Germany’s one of our closest allies, so we are going to pledge all the support they may need in dealing with these circumstances. It’s a good reminder of something that I’ve said over the last couple of weeks which is our way of life, our freedoms, our ability to go about our business every day raising our kids and seeing ‘em grow up and graduate from high school and now about to leave their dad — [laughter] I’m sorry, I’m getting a little too personal. Getting a little too personal there.” [Laughter]

The official transcript on the White House website also includes notations for laughter, which we’re certain the people of Munich think is in poor taste.



This isn’t the first time President Obama has been criticized for an incredibly detached response to a horrific situation.

Remember when he offered a “shout out” to audience members when addressing the Fort Hood massacre?

Fox News reported in 2009:

As the U.S. military and law enforcement were scrambling to save lives after a deadly shooting rampage at Ft. Hood, Texas, President Obama opened his remarks Thursday with a two-minute “shout out” to audience members who attended the Tribal Nations Conference hosted by the Interior Department.

Former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush, Brad Blakeman, said “The fact that he used colloquialisms like “shout out” — and was so cavalier at the beginning of his remarks — was a reflection of his inability to be presidential.”

Seven years later at a press event where he had to announce another mass shooting, Obama is cracking jokes and laughing.

His ‘ability to be presidential’ hasn’t improved one bit.