Did Rubio Seriously Just Say This About Donald Trump?

It looks like Marco Rubio is in full-on attack mode, trying to “out-Trump” Donald Trump with the personal attacks as he continues his struggle to find footing this presidential campaign.

And while Trump has clearly been the king of one-liners against every one of his opponents, Rubio may have landed the… um, ‘biggest’ blow yet.

At a recent campaign stop before Super Tuesday, Rubio mocked Trump’s small hands, implying that men with such small hands have other parts of the anatomy that don’t measure up as well.

Via the Washington Post:

Rubio accused rival Donald Trump of being a con artist in a marathon day of campaigning across Virginia. At his final stop in southwest Virginia, he mocked the GOP front-runner for “small hands” and pores clogged with spray tan.

He turned insults lobbed by Trump against the billionaire. He said the only reason Trump isn’t as sweaty as him is because of pores clogged with spray tan. He said his rival, who has taken to calling him “Little Rubio,” has tiny hands, referencing a common dig at Trump’s fingers.

“You know what they say about men with small hands,” Rubio said, pausing to let the audience laugh. “You can’t trust ’em.”

Perhaps the best part of that Vine is the reaction of the guy to the right of Rubio when he realizes the Republican candidate for President just made an R-rated joke.

Comment: What did you think of Rubio’s ‘hand’ joke? Is it about time Rubio stepped up his game in taking on Trump, or is this embarrassing? Share your thoughts below.

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