Did Anthony Weiner Inspire a New Line of Apps to Help Cheaters Get Away With It?

Rather than some sort of signature legislation, or having a school, bridge, or road named in his honor, disgraced mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner will go down in the annals of history as the guy who tweeted his junk to women who weren’t his wife … again, and again.

But now it seems, Weiner may have something new to hang his hat on – a whole line of apps that “are helping adulterers sleep around on the sly.”

Must be a proud moment in the Weiner family.

Via the New York Post:

If only Weiner had a little more self-restraint when he sent the tweet seen ’round the world, he might not have earned his, er, member-ship in the annals of New York City sex scandals. Just a few months later, the smartphone market was flooded with apps designed to — in theory — keep your messages private.

Secret.li, for example, lets you share Facebook photos that disappear after a set time. Pinger sends self-destructing animated GIFs, and Wink shares photos only with people in close proximity to you (eliminating the possibility of, say, tweeting your picture to the entire world).

The most popular app, Snapchat, allows users to send pictures to each other that delete themselves a few seconds after they’re opened, disappearing forever (unless the recipient takes a screenshot).

What else is a philanderer to do in the age of cellphone cameras and geo-tagged pics?

All in all however, social media consultants in the report indicate that Weiner can is “too far gone to be helped” and should serve as “a great example of what not to do.”

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