Social media stars Diamond and Silk are condemning Philadelphia Eagles players who plan to forego a traditional White House visit in celebration of their Super Bowl victory herunterladen.

They took particular aim at Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins who recently told CNN it’s just “not worth [his] time” to meet with President Trump darktable kostenlos download.

“When it comes to this presidency, I’m not very excited about getting my picture taken with him,” he said.

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Yea, because what a horror it would be to meet with the one man who can actually help whatever social justice cause you’re championing herunterladen.

Diamond and Silk held very little back in blasting Jenkins and his fellow teammates for turning a true honor in their athletic careers into a political statement 7 zip voor windows 10.


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“It’s sad, because it is a great honor when you have an invite to the White House,” Diamond said during an interview on “Fox & Friends,” adding people like Jenkins are “still stuck in that Democratic plantation mindset spiele für den computer zum herunterladen. They’re being controlled by the dog whistlers that feed them a narrative.”

She pointed out that Trump is a fairly powerful man that could help Jenkins out with his ‘issues’ if he could only “man up and stand up and go talk to” him status bilder downloaden.

“Shame on him, that he don’t know how to man up and stand up and go talk to the president [who] can go help him with these issues in the inner and urban cities, and with reform [to] the justice system.”

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Two other Eagles players have announced they will not attend any White House visit either pdf automatisch herunterladen.

Wide receiver Torrey Smith whined that the President “called my peers and my friends S-O-Bs.”

Hate to break it to you, Torrey, but the ones who were kneeling during the National Anthem – they are S-O-Bs herunterladen.

Defensive End Chris Long cited a “lack of condemnation” for the tragedy in Charlottesville when white supremacists and protesters collided over the summer, a statement that shows Long has little grasp of reality when it comes to this matter.

He must have missed the following when he was too busy putting his arm around his fist-raising teammates …


These players are being fed a narrative just as Diamond and Silk suggested. It’s time to think for yourselves. Man up and stand up and meet President Trump face-to-face.

What do you think of players that refuse to go to the White House? Share your thoughts below!

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