Secretary of Homeland Security, Gen. John Kelly, was caught on a hot mic joking about what President Trump should do to the press, sending the leftist media into an absolute tizzy.

At the U.S. Coast Guard graduation ceremony this week, cadets presented the President with a ceremonial saber.

After thanking the cadets, Trump sat down next to Kelly.

Of the saber, Kelly joked, “You could use that on the press, sir.”

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Trump responded, “Yeah.”


Via the Free Beacon:

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly was caught on a hot mic Wednesday telling President Trump that he should use a ceremonial saber on the press during the United States Coast Guard graduation ceremony.

The Coast Guard Class of 2017 presented the sword to Trump, who delivered the commencement address, as a “token of our appreciation.” After Trump sat down, Kelly leaned over and told the president he should “use that on the press,” referencing the saber.

Trump chuckled and let out a joking, “Yeah.”

As you might expect, the left went apoplectic over the joke.

A headline from the liberal blog ‘Death and Taxes’ screams that the Homeland Security Secretary was advocating for the “murder” of journalists.


Some demanded the general resign after the comments:


Others claimed he had brought shame to his uniform:


Kelly’s light-hearted joke didn’t take away from the increased tension between the press and the President.

During his speech to those same Coast Guard cadets, Trump blasted the media saying, “No politician in history – and I say this with great surety – has been treated worse or more unfairly.”

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